It is our intention to re-open ELRC for August 2022!  

Camp Dates: August 28 – September 3rd.  

Registration will open in early January – stay tuned on our Instagram and Facebook pages for updates. We are so excited to bring back your favourite week of summer!



Countdown to Camp 2022 !!








What We Offer

Eagle Lake Ringette Camp has been creating summer memories for Ringette Players from across the country since 1992. We are set on the shores of Eagle Lake, just outside Sundridge, Ontario. For one week each summer, we use the amazing facilities of Hockey Opportunity Camp, which support our activities including ball hockey courts, rock-climbing wall, outdoor volleyball courts, waterskiing, sailing, archery, mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking and of course, the arena, located in South River, where campers are challenged on the ice for two hours per day. Campers also take part in a one-hour dryland training class. Ringette players who chose to join us at camp are in for the most exciting week of their summer!
Sheri Markle – Sheri has been involved with Ringette and camping for many years, beginning her Ringette & Camping career in 1983, working (aka Sheri Faulds) at the Ontario Ringette Association’s summer camp Quanahar and has not looked back since!  She has been involved with camps every year since!  Sheri is a Manager with the Region of Waterloo, active Ringette coach, player, official and volunteer. Brea Cose – Brea has been involved with Ringette and camping dating back to the Quanahar days as well.  She’s happy to share she was only camper age while at Quanahar, but has been with ELRC since year one in 1992 and has never missed a year since!  Brea is our most experienced staff member, doing every job from Leader in Training to on-ice instructor.  She’s even tried to drive the Zamboni…but Smokey at the Arena won’t let her!  Brea is a teacher with the Peel District School Board, founder and first player registration of the Toronto Ringette Association.
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  • High Energy 100% 100%
  • Meet new Friends 100% 100%

About the Camp

Amazing Meals

Camp provides family style, all you can eat meals prepared with highly nutritional fresh food. We can accommodate food allergies. Our Tuck Shop and kitchen also do not stock any products that contain visible nuts or nut products. (learnhockey.com)

High Energy Fun

Lots of fun activities are planned around the Ringette training. Your kids will experience Rock Climbing, Archery, Volleyball, Water skiing, Tubing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Sailing, Field Games, Ball-hockey court games, Mountain biking, Windsurf Board games and Swimming.

Nighttime Activities

Campers participate in an all-camp game or activity. In the past we have entertained many with Campfires, Capture the Flag, Olympics, Eagle Lake’s Next Top Model (a satirical spin on the actual show), and the ever-popular, Lip Sync.


“I had a lot of fun this year at Eagle Lake Ringette Camp.  I met a lot of new people and learned a lot about them and I discovered that I could do a lot of things that I thought I could not do!”

-Camper 2015

In a word, AWESOME! She had a blast, loved every bit of it: all the activities, the staff, the campers, the schedule, the food, etc! She loved it all and can’t wait til next year!!!! She even talked about wanting to go back as LIT when she is 15… I am thinking you got yourself a lifetime commitment from this kid if you want it!!!

Julie, Parent

“Thank you all so much for the great week…my daughter has been filling us in on all the fun she had and is so excited to come back!”

Sonia, Parent

“I was challenged on the ice, we always learned new things” – Ring Jet Camper

“I was constantly pushed to my limits, with hard drills always there” – United Camper

“My instructors pushed me to do 100% and to do better” – Viper Campers

“On a scale of one to ten, I would say like 11! I love this camp!” – United Camper

“I had tons of fun doing all the activities, getting in shape and bonding with my cabin” – Stinger Camper


What the Campers of 2015 had to say:

I have 3 daughters that play Ringette and Eagle Lake has always been their favourite Ringette Summer Camp. They love the camp activities like waterskiing, tubing, kayaking and sailing. They come home and can’t stop talking about all that happens on all the theme nights – gotta love the lip sync and the counsellors dressing up. They make friendships with girls from across the province, other Ringette associations and other Regions, and they look forward to seeing those friends throughout the upcoming Ringette seasons, at games and tournaments. They love the Ringette part of the camp, the way that they’re at the arena once during the day to do their Ringette, dryland and skating. They’re not changing in and out of your Ringette gear 3 times during the day!! The on-ice instructors are top quality and encourage the girls. They’re helpful during the dryland, making sure they’re doing exercises properly and giving little added bonus nutritional facts. The girls love the full report card they get at the end of the week assessing them on their skating, Ringette and game sense. The photo they bring home and the fun certificate from their cabin counsellor with comments and positive feedback from the week both provide more memories to bring home. As a parent, it’s always fun to go up and see the final game. Bringing them home on the Saturday after the game, we get to hear all about the camp and they still have 2 days left before school starts! They’re old enough now that they’re looking forward to being counsellors at Eagle Lake.

Martha, a Ringette mom

“A HUGE thank you to the camp directors, counsellors, instructors and everyone else who made ELRC AMAZING!!! Our daughter had a fabulous time and talked for hours about her experience and adventures as well as the new friendships that formed (and sang camp songs well into the evening)!”

Jennifer, Ringette Parent

“Amazing time had by all….the kids (heard non-stop about the amazing weeks activities, friendships etc). ….counselors (judging by the pics, and stories i heard at the arena, they had a great time with the girls) …..and the parents (it was like Christmas eve waiting for pictures to show up on facebook hoping our girls would be in just one)! !!! Thanks to everyone who made this happen, you were all amazing!!!! Special thanks to Holly Reis for taking great care of cabin 15. The Barrie girls adored you and hope to have you again next year. Till then, have a great ringette season and catch you back in 2016!!!”


Heather, Ringette Mom

“I had a lot of fun at camp this week! The councillors made it really welcoming and enjoyable! I found the evening programs are one of my favourite parts of camp!”

-Camper 2015

We are all registered, and M is counting down the days already!!  It’s so wonderful that she looks forward to the next years’ week at camp before we are even out the driveway from the one she just attended!!!

- Barrie Ringette Parent

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