FAQ 2024

What is the cost of camp?

Camper Fees for 2023


Camper Fees –

2024 Camper Pricing: $1363.00 (plus HST) TOTAL=$1540.19 (+ plus optional clothing)

T-Shirt – $25

Hoodie – $55

LIT  (Leader in Training:

2023 LIT Pricing: $1100.00 (plus HST)


Will my daughter be on the ice with her own age group?

Yes.  And no.

We break our campers into sections based on age and skill.  We usually have 5 sections made up 25-32 kids per section.  Each section has about 3 cabins per.  These sections travel to activities at camp with each other (although they do the activities by cabin eg., cabin 1 in waterskiing, cabin 2 is rock climbing, cabin 3 is canoeing) and they also spend their ice times together.  So the Betty Fly section may range in ages from 7-10 and those players will be on the ice together, separated into 2 groups based on skill.

Betty Fly -ages 7-12

Ring Jets – ages 9-13

Stingers – ages 10-14

Vipers – ages 12-15

United – ages 12-15


Each year these sections are different, as we have different age groups register for camp. If our oldest campers are 10, then Betty Fly will be ages 10-12…. just because your camper is in a “younger section”, doesn’t mean she is with younger kids.


We try to accommodate skill level and bunk requests, but it’s a fine balance and one that we aren’t always able to accommodate.  If you have questions about where or with whom your daughter will be spending her time with throughout the week, please ask before check-in to avoid any last-minute stress.

Can my daughter bunk with her friends?

We try our best to accommodate camper bunk requests.

The weeks prior to a camper’s arrival she will be assigned to one of five camper sections. There are many factors we consider when completing section assignments including; grade in school, age, Ringette skill level and requested cabin mates.

In order for campers to be placed in the same camp section & cabin, they need to be within one grade/ birth year. These sections are the basis for all camp scheduling. Campers within the same section will skate and participate in their activities within the same rotation schedule.

(adapted from HOC Camper handbook)

How many girls are in a cabin?

Between 8 and 12 campers per cabin.


How many girls are on the ice?

We aim for no more than 32 (we average 26-29) at a time, including goalies –  with two head instructors and two Leaders In Training.

Do Goalies have a special program?

YES!  Goalies participate in the skating skills session with the rest of the group, but for our Ring Skills hour are with a Goalie Instructor working on Goalie Specific Skills.

How do the girls get from camp to arena?

They are driven on a school bus to the arena for ice and dryland, then back to camp.

How long do campers spend on the ice each day?

2 hours. (a balance of skating and ringette specific skills as well as dedicated time to strategy and game play)

What is dryland?

Dryland training is our off-ice training program that offers a fitness component to enhance on-ice performance, followed by a discussion or activity based on age, that reflects the nature of game. (ex. nutrition discussions, positional strategies, perfecting the wrist shot…off-ice, how to tie the perfect skate)

Will my child have enough food?

Camp provides family style, all you can eat meals prepared with highly nutritional fresh food served three times per day. 

We try our best to accommodate food allergies, but assess this on a case by case  situation. Email us to see if we can work it out. Our Tuck Shop and kitchen also do not stock any products that contain visible nuts or nut products. (learnhockey.com)

Where is the camp located?

Eagle Lake Ringette Camp is located on the shores of Eagle Lake, close to Sundridge, Ontario. ELRC uses the camp and facilities of Hockey Opportunity Camp. (learnhockey.com)

Where is the arena?

The arena is located in South River, Ontario. About 10 minutes north of Sundridge.

Address: 1 Lincoln Ave, South River, ON

Can I visit my child?


Can I send my daughter with a cell phone?


Can my daughter email me?

No, campers have no access to email. You can, however, send you daughter digital “bunknotes” that will be given to campers every night at dinner. These are one-way emails that are provided at a cost to parents.

You can also leave us pre-written mail at check-in, complete with Camper Name, section and cabin number.

What is your cancellation policy?

Payment Policy:

I/we understand and agree that:

  • A $400 deposit is due upon submission of each Registration Request

  • Payment in full is due by July 1st, 2024

Refund (Cancellation) Policy:

  • Registration cancellation requests must be submitted via email and subject to cancellation deadline;

  • Registrations canceled before June 1st, 2024 will be charged a $150 cancellation fee with the remaining balance of any deposit paid refunded;

  • Registrations canceled after July 1, 2024 are Non-Refundable (For any reason – medical included) – NO EXCEPTIONS

  • If canceling after July 1, 2024, any deposits/payments paid will be held and credited towards the camper’s account, to be used towards the camper’s own registration for the following year only.

What time are we supposed to arrive or "check-in"?

A month before camp begins, you will be emailed a check-in/arrival time. 

We ask that campers adhere to their time slot, as early arrivals will not be accommodated.

You will hear from us via email in July for your time slot.



What will my daughter be doing everyday?

The day is split into three parts. The morning may be spent at the arena, on the ice and doing dryland. The afternoon may be spent doing activities. If campers spend the morning at the ice, the next day they will spend the morning doing activities.

What are the activities?

Rock Climbing, Archery, Volleyball, Water skiing, Tubing, Canoeing, Kayaking, Sailing, Field Games, Ball-hockey court games, Mountain biking, Windsurf Board games and Swimming.

What do they do at night?

Campers participate in an all-camp game or activity. In the past we have entertained many with Campfires, Capture the Flag, Olympics, Eagle Lake’s Next Top Model (a satirical spin on the actual show), and the ever-popular, Lip Sync.

What time is lights out?

For our youngest campers, lights out is between 8:30pm and 9pm. For our older campers, lights out is 10pm. This may sound early for some, however we are up and at ‘em at 6am and don’t stop until bedtime!!

Are boys welcome at camp?

 Yes! However, we require a minimun of 10 male campers to make this section possible. 

Are there accommodations nearby that our family can rent?

Please refer to this page on the Hockey Opportunity Website

Nearby Accommodations

Is there a day camper program?

No, unfortunately we do not offer a day camp program.

If you have any questions that were not answered here, please email us at elringettecamp@gmail.com and we will add them to our list!