Preparing for camp, especially if you’re a first-timer, can be daunting! Take the guesswork out of it by reading and following along with our Welcome To Camp Package.


  If you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel free to send us a message at 

 *Section Assignments (which section your child will be in) will be determined in August and will be emailed to you, along with your check-in time.  Stay tuned!

 Below is a link to our formatted and printable PDF document “Getting Ready for Camp 2020”

ELRC Welcome to Camp 2020

Below is an unformatted version of the same package, minus the maps:

Getting Ready For Camp Handbook

Eagle Lake Ringette Camp 2020

Welcome to another year at Eagle Lake Ringette Camp (ELRC). We are thrilled to welcome your child(ren) to ELRC for their first time or back for another great camp experience. To help you prepare for the summer, we have put together this complete checklist and details handbook. This resource includes all the essential information required to get your child(ren) ready for camp.

Camp Checklist (very important to review)

CHECK-IN : SUNDAY AUGUST 30th – see separate email for check-in TIME

Review Getting Ready for Camp Handbook details (attached) including;

  • Section Assignment Policy

  • Camper Contact Details While at Camp (Email/Courier/Mail) and Camper Cell Phone Policy

  • Check-In / Check-Out Day Procedures

    Clothing and Equipment Checklist
    Have a discussion with your camper(s) about camp rules/regulations and safety, including;

  • Personal items not permitted at camp including cell phones, expensive electronic devices, food products with nuts, etc. 

    (see Clothing and Equipment Checklist)

  • Behaviour (The 3 R’s – Respect Yourself, Respect Others, Respect your Environment)

    Although the following safety items will be discussed with campers upon arrival, talk about health and safety with your kids including, hand washing / sanitizing, sun and hydration protection and what to do in the case of bullying or homesickness (stress open communication with counsellors).
    Label all personal belongings so they can be found when lost.

    Pack camp gear and Ringette equipment. Ensure your child participates in this exercise so that she is aware of what is being brought and what they are expected to pack to bring back home. Most lost and found is not recognized by campers as their own. Ensure all Ringette equipment fits correctly and that skates are sharpened. Please ensure all equipment (including sticks) are properly labelled with first and last name.

    Campers will be screened for the following medical conditions (at check-in). In the event that your child shows symptoms of the following prior to camp (up to 72 hours), please ensure they are assessed and treated ahead of time. If treatment is not completed prior to camp, please contact the Camp Directors to discuss next steps.

  • Head Lice – Please check your childʼs head. For more information on identification and treatment visit Any camper with live lice or nits in their hair will need to be treated according to ELRC standards by the person dropping the child off at check-in. To avoid this situation, check your child’s hair before you come!

  • Gastrointestinal Illness – Symptoms include but not limited to vomiting, chills, abdominal cramps and diarrhea

  • Influenza-Like Illness – Symptoms include but not limited to fever with cough and one of the following; sore, throat, muscle aches, joint pain or weakness.

    Review Map and Driving Directions (last page of hand book).
    On Check-In day, meet the Camp Directors at the Jr. Recreation Hall (beside main parking lot) to begin the Check-In Process.






 Tuck Shop Fee/Information

Check-In Day is a very busy day at camp.
Camper Check begins Sunday August 30th. You will receive an email with your daughters check in time. Times are determined by registration order and are firmly adhered to. If you are sending your daughter with someone else, or bringing someone else’s daughter, the child with the latest registration time will be time that both can be registered. Ex. You have sent your daughter with another adult. Your daughter’s check in time is at 12:30pm, but her friend is at 2pm. Both girls can be checked in at 2pm. Should the adult arrive at 12:30pm to check in, only the camper with the 12:30 time will be checked in. To avoid frustration and hurt feelings, please abide by your check in times, as we will not, under any circumstances allow check-in outside your assigned time. (*unless it is LATER than your assigned time)

The check in process has six points of contact. In order to get through this process efficiently, we ask that you pay close attention to the list below.

When you arrive, please follow the instructions of our staff members who will show you where to park. There are A LOT of vehicles coming in on this day and proper parking is essential to a smooth check-in.

Once parked, LEAVE ALL belongings IN YOUR VEHICLE with the exception of medication. Please then line up at the Rec Hall doors.

1) Check-in with Camp Directors;
-they will confirm your arrival and assign you your cabin number and Saturday morning game time. (Friday night OR between 8:30am & 12:30pm)

2) Check-in with our Nurses;
To save time:
-have all medications on your person
-ensure your Camper Health Form is filled out BEFORE camp

3) Medical Checks
-we WILL be checking every camper for head lice as well as their temperature. French braids may need to be taken out. Campers who have evidence of head lice will be escorted to the Infirmary to work out a treatment plan with parents. Campers with a high temperature/indications of an infection will not be allowed to stay at camp

4) Jerseys/Clothing – all campers are to pick up their on-ice jersey and if camp clothing was ordered, will be picked up here.

5) After you leave the rec hall, head to your vehicle to get all Ringette equipment and sticks. These are to be taken to the correct bus OR to the garage. Please follow Section signs or ask any staff member.

6) And last, all luggage will be taken down to your assigned bunk to meet counsellors and fellow bunkmates.


  • To avoid delays at the Health Care Station, please submit a completed health history form ahead of time.

  • If you bring your family pet, we ask that they are kept on a leash.

  • If you require cash, the closest bank machines are in South River

    and Sundridge

  • Camp Clothing is NOT on sale during check-in or check-out. All clothing is preordered.

    Tuck has already been paid in your registration fee.

★ Snacks: Campers  (M-F).Mainsnack options include chocolate bars, candy, ice cream, pop and potato chips. One of the five tuck days will be healthy snack options (i.e. milk, fruit bars, etc.). Although we cannot guarantee a “nut free” environment, in order to reduce the risk to campers with severe nut allergies, we do not purchase product with visible nuts or nut products.

★ GroupPicture:Colourphotocalendarofcamperʼssection. Photos are distributed at check-out (included in your campers check-out folder).

★ SkateSharpening:Oneskatesharpeningmid-week.Parents should ensure their childʼs skates are sharpened prior to arriving at camp. There are no skate sharpening facilities at camp.

★ RingetteJersey:SouvenirRingettejerseytobewornduring all on-ice sessions.

Section Assignments

The weeks prior to a camperʼs arrival she will be assigned to one of six camper sections. There are many factors we consider when completing section assignments including; grade in school, age, ringette skill level and requested cabin mates.

Parents were asked to suggest bunking requests, but ELRC makes final decisions based on other group requests, cabin size and availability. Therefore, specific section assignments are not confirmed until campers arrive at their check-in time on Sunday. Should you be concerned before arrival about where your daughter will be placed, please email us at in mid- August.

In order for campers to be placed in the same camp section & cabin, they need to be within one grade/birth year. These sections are the basis for all camp scheduling. Campers within the same section will skate and participate in their chosen activities within the same rotation schedule. Section assignments will further determine cabin assignments.


Campers are responsible for getting to/from camp. Transportation can be arranged from Toronto Pearson Airport for out of province campers. If interested, please check the website or contact the office for rates and schedules or visit the HOC web site.

Camper Phone Policy

Due to the potential volume of calls and disruption to camp, phone calls to and from campers is not permitted. In the event of an emergency, please contact the office to make arrangements through the Camp Director. In addition, cell phones are not permitted at camp. If they are brought to camp they will be removed from camper possession, securely stored and returned upon departure.




Weather and Camp Activities

Checkout Saturday

At check-in you will be given a time in which your daughter(s) will be playing their final game. Game times range from 8:30am-12:30pm beginning with our youngest campers.
Betty Fly 8:30am – 9:10am

Ring Jet 9:20am – 10am
Jacks 10:10am – 10:50am
Stinger 11am – 11:40am
Quanahar – 11:50am – 12:30pm
These game times are booked months in advance and as such we are unable to accommodate any changes to game times. The United section will be playing their game on Friday night at 6pm, and will be checking out at 10am Saturday morning from camp.

Parent of Betty Fly and Ring Jet Sections will be asked to meet your camper at the arena and then after their game, return to camp to gather belongings and medication if applicable. Ensure you stop by the Rec Hall to receive your Check-Out package from a Director.

Parents of Jacks, Stinger and Quanahar Sections, will be asked to arrive at camp 60 minutes BEFORE game time to gather luggage, and gather medication from Nurse. Parents are also asked to stop by the Rec Hall to receive your camper’s Check-Out package. Campers can ride to the arena with parents, or by camp bus.
There is no need to return to camp after the game for these sections.

**Conitnued for 2020** Parents of United Sections are welcome to attend their child’s game on Friday evening, but campers will return to camp Friday post-game for their last night at camp. They can be checked-out and picked up from camp on Saturday morning at 10am.


Lost and Found
• Clothing that is found throughout the week is neatly folded and displayed on tables during check-out.
• Please make sure to label all clothing before you arrive and to quickly check if your camper has left anything behind before departing. Tip: Have your child pack WITH you, so they can recognize their own belongings while at camp.

Campers are discouraged from entering cabins or board equipment onto buses until their check-in is complete. This is for safety and health reasons. Please refrain from “saving” bunks for campers arriving later, as it creates an unwelcome atmosphere for new campers just arriving.

No camper will be considered checked-in until they have gone through the first 4 points and have a zero balance on their account.

All camp activities continue during rain, cold, wind and heat but may be modified if weather poses a risk to campers. All outdoor programs cease in the event of thunder and lightning and resume when deemed safe by a Camp Director.

Mail / Courier + Email

If you would like to send your child an email, letter or package, here are a few options;
Email a Camper
Visit for our Bunk1 email service

Passwords will be handed out at check-in.

Bring your pre-written letters with you with which day you would like your camper to receive it, and we will ensure it gets to them on that specific day. There will be an inconspicuous mail drop off at the check-in desk with Sheri and Brea. Hand us your letters and go buy yourself a coffee with the savings in stamps:)
Letters MUST HAVE the following:
Camper NAME
Camper CABIN # (we will write this on it for you)
We ask that if you are dropping mail off with us that it be a reasonable size and amount.

Sending Mail Via Canada Post

Address as follows: Your Childʼs Name
c/o Hockey Opportunity Camp

PO Box 448, Sundridge, ON P0A 1Z0 Expected delivery: 3-7 business days, Canada/US

Sending Mail Via Purolator-UPS-FedEx

Address as follows:

Your Childʼs Name

Hockey Opportunity Camp
c/o Coxʼs General Store
21 Main Street West, Sundridge, ON P0A 1Z0

Expected delivery: 2-3 business days,



 Clothing and Equipment List

 The following list is recommended based on a one-week stay at camp. Summer evenings may be unpredictably cooler than normal, so please check weather reports prior to arriving at camp to confirm appropriate clothing and sleeping bag. All clothing, equipment and bedding should have the camperʼs name clearly marked and securely attached.

IMPORTANT: We recommend: that all valuable and expensive items including clothing, hats, video games, MP3 players and equipment not be brought to camp. Although every effort is made to locate lost items, ELRC is not responsible for returning any lost or stolen items while at camp. Fold up portable chairs are NOT permitted at camp.

NOTE: Although HOC/ELRC is NOT a “nut free” environment, we do reduce the risk to campers with severe nut allergies by eliminating visible nuts/nut products from the kitchen and tuck shop. Campers should not bring any additional food into camp, especially products with visible nuts or nut products in them (i.e. Snickers chocolate bars, peanut butter cookies, trail mix with nuts, etc.). In addition, we request that your child not bring any gum/candy to camp. Thank you for your understanding and compliance to this matter.

Please pack with your children to ensure they know
what items are being brought with them to camp and can identify them if they are misplaced.

Ringette Equipment

Helmet and Mask
Neck Protector 

Shoulder & Elbow Pads 

Gloves & Pants 

Mouthguard (optional) 


Shin Pads
Skates (sharpened) 

Ringette Sticks (name on sticks)
Tape (Shin Pad / Stick) Blister (Second Skin) Bandages
Water Bottle (for arena) clothing for under equipment incl. 5 pr. extra socks

Goalie Equipment (if applicable)

• Goalies are responsible for their own goalie equipment. It may be possible to borrow from your association if required.

Miscellaneous Items

Water Bottle (for camp) Sunscreen (SPF 30+) Lip Balm
Insect Repellent (lotion) face paint (optional)


5 T-Shirts 

2 Sweatshirts 

3 Long Pants 

3 Shorts 

6 Underwear 

6 Pairs of Socks 

2 Bathing Suits 


(1) Pyjamas 

(1) Rain Jacket 

(1) Hat


(1) Pr of Running Shoes

(1) Pr of Sandals


(1) Sleeping Bag
(1) Fitted Single Sheet (optional)
(1) Pillow
(1) Pillowcase
(1) Bath Towel
(1) Beach Towel


(1) Toothbrush
(1) Bar of Soap (in case)

(1) Brush or Comb

(1) Toothpaste
(1) Shampoo




Eagle Lake Ringette Camp Driving Directions

Eagle Lake Ringette Camp is located on the grounds of Hockey Opportunity Camp, and is located in the beautiful Almaguin Highlands, just north of the Muskoka Region, near Sundridge & South River, Ontario. It is approximately 280 km (175 miles) north of Toronto or 65 km (40 miles) south of North Bay on Hwy #11.

Driving Directions to HOC/ELRC:

Physical & GPS Address: Located at 961 Park Rd. South, Machar Township, P0A1Z0 (south end of Eagle Lake) (please note that some GPS devices do not recognize the new four lane highway and may direct you incorrectly).

From Huntsville: Follow Hwy 11 North (63 km), Take Exit 282 (Boundary/Mountainview Rd.), turn left onto M/S Boundary Rd. and follow the signs to the camp (9.6 km)

From North Bay: Follow Hwy. 11 South (65 km), Take Exit 282 (Boundary/Mountainview Rd.), turn right on to M/S Boundary Rd. and follow the signs to the camp (9.6 km)

Arena Directions to : 1 Lincoln Ave, South River, ON P0A 1X0

From North Bay: Follow Hwy 11 South, take Exit 289 (South River Hwy 124), turn right on to Ottawa Avenue at the 1st set of stop lights. Turn left on Lincoln Ave. (Behind the Shell Station).

From Huntsville: Follow Hwy 11 North, take Exit 282 (Boundary/Mountainview Rd.), turn right onto Mountainview Road. At the end of the road turn left on to Hwy 124 North (the old Hwy 11). In South River turn left at Ottawa Ave at the 1st set of stop lights, then another left on to Lincoln Ave. (behind the Shell Station).