Leader in Training Program 2022


Being an LIT at camp is a big deal! At Eagle Lake, it’s all about growing and learning in a motivating, enthusiastic environment. This LIT program will allow you to learn and develop the skills necessary to take on further responsibilities in a manner consistent with the goals and visions of ELRC.


This includes:
• Personal growth
• Developing as a leader
• Learning different age group characteristics
• Ringette and skating skill analysis
• Team work and team building techniques
• Program planning


This program will also help you apply your leadership skills to real life situation. This way you can use them in your every day life!
This is a unique position. As an LIT, you fall somewhere between the role of a camper and a staff member. As such, you will have the opportunity to learn so much from this program and give just as much back to campers, staff and camp itself. You will have a lot of responsibilities but you will also have a lot of fun.
LITs at Eagle Lake will be helping our campers make the most out of their camp experience. This will help you, and the campers gain confidence and experience beneficial for camp, the ice and your everyday lives!
On the ice, you will be given the opportunity to assist on-ice instructors with their daily ice sessions through planning, skill analysis, observation and assisting. This may encourage some of you to become instructors yourself!



 • Be prompt, enthusiastic, creative, energetic, responsible, helpful, mature
• Assist and observe ELRC instructors on-ice
• Assist and observe ELRC counsellors with cabin groups
• Lead supervised camp activities throughout the week
• Plan and lead an on-ice session at the end of the week
• Maintain an ongoing log of observations and reflections throughout the week


There are up to 12 positions available.  The number of positions fluctuates with our registration numbers. We reserve the right to change this number at any time.

The ideal candidate will have prior experience working with children, ideally in a Ringette environment.  Leadership experience will also enhance your application.


Candidates must be born in 2007 to be eligible for the program.


The program cost for 2022 is $650, paid upon acceptance.  All applicants, whether successful or not, will be notified in April.