Staff Positions

Senior On-Ice Ringette Instructor (4 positions) / On-Ice Goalie Instructor (2 positions)

Senior Instructors at ELRC provide on-ice programming for two different sections. Spending a total of 4 hours on the ice each day, it is the instructors responsibility to create a motivating, energetic atmosphere where players can reach their full potential, while learning new skills and mastering old ones. Ability to work well with others and to respectfully delegate responsibilities to Jr. Instructors is crucial. Preference is given to those instructors who play at an Elite level of Ringette with a strong background in leadership and skill instruction.

Junior On-Ice Ringette Instructor (4 positions)

Junior On-Ice Instructors assist our Senior Instructors with skill and drill planning and implementation. They are teamed up with one or two Senior Instructors and work closely with them to ensure ice-times run smooth and campers are getting as much personal attention as possible. A Junior Instructor position is a great stepping stone to a Senior Instructor role in future years. Ideal candidates for this position are U18 players with little or some leadership experience at the A or AA level. 

Head Counsellor 

The ideal candidate for the Head Counselor position is someone who has attended ELRC in the past as camper and staff, and understands the value of a great camp experience. The person in this role is responsible for communicating with Counseling and Directing Staff on a daily basis, keeping cabins on time and ensuring all campers are having the best possible time at ELRC. Photographing camp in action is an ongoing part of this role, as is being a go-to for staff who need advice or a shoulder to lean on. Water Qualifications are preferred for this role.

Cabin Counsellor (18-21 positions) 

Cabin counsellors are responsible for the day to day safety, management and motivation of a group of up to 12 campers. Counsellors are with thier cabins for 80% of the day at camp, enjoying sports and activities, and providing leadership and council to ensure all standards of safety are met. Being a counsellor at ELRC is an amazing job, with the reward being you get to participate with Ringette Players while having the BEST week of their lives.  

Activities Co-ordinator (1-2 positions)

 This postion is all about being creative! Campers enjoy many programs throughout the day, usually the most anticiated is the Evening Program. This is where you come in! The Activities Co-ordinator helps counsellors to create and implement the Evening Programs, and many activities throughout the day. The ideal candidate for this position is someone who has excellent communication skills, is friendly, creative, organized, loud, outgoing, responsible, and most of all, a team player. Lifeguarding certification is a huge plus for this position.
If this sounds like you, what are you waiting for? Get your application in NOW!  

LIT Co-ordinator/Camp Guru (1-2 positions)

 Our youngest members of staff, our Leaders In Training (LITs) need a Master of their Universe! Is this you? This position is labour intensive as it requires leading by example just how to be a “Super Leader!”.
Our LITs have a big job and it requires a bit of journalling….read of course, by…wait for it…! You will be responsible for twelve 15 year olds who come with A LOT of energy. Being resourceful, knowledgable, mature, energetic and patient are requirements for this position! As well as being Top Dog to the LIT’s, this position also entails some gophering. Throughout the days, when you are not surrounded by your mentees, we ask that you help out around camp in any way possible. Lifeguarding qualifications are a MUST for this one!